Workshop on Hobby to Profession

WE-IES Organisation of Indian Expat Spouses WE-IES Date: 29-10-2018 Knowledge sharing session Hobby to Profession Session On Friday, 26 September 2018, the session started at 11:10 a.m with the patron of WE-IES, Dr. Saroj Thapa introducing the members of the Executive Committee of WE-IES. Thereafter, the attendees also introduced themselves. Diving straight into the [...]

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Accreditation Newborn Baby Photographer

Accreditation as a newborn baby photographer in Utrecht, Leidsche Rijn The Certification aims to recognise competence and professional standard for those who earn their living as Newborn Photographers.  It is designed to provide a specific title to uphold professional status, and is a basic quality assurance certification now available to Newborn Photographers around the world. We distinguish ourselves as [...]

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How to choose a “Newborn” photographer

How to choose a “Newborn” photographer in Utrecht, Leidsche Rijn Babies bring with them lot of Joy, Hope and Dreams and when they arrive life is never the same again. As the new parents you would always want to freeze every moment with them and preserve those memories throughout your life. No wonder that Newborn photography [...]

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Cake Smash fotoshoot in Utrecht, Nederlands!

 Celebrate your baby’s birthday with a cake smash photography session. We have beautiful backdrops, props, and banners for you to choose from. Allowing you to custom design your own birthday session set. The sets make the perfect backdrop for my exclusive cake smash photography sessions.  Photos wearing a special outfit, or photos with your little [...]

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Koppel / Couple Photoshoot in Netherlands

A cute story of office romance leading to marriage… Mr Perfect and Miss Lovely met each other at work and over a period developed a liking for each other. This quite, shy but a very adorable couple had their 2nd wedding anniversary to celebrate this April. A simple yet exciting way to celebrate this memorable day [...]

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Netherlands Baby Photographer

Are you looking for a baby photographer in Netherlands? You’re going to be amazed at how quickly the first year flies by, and how much your baby changes on a weekly basis! People take a majority of their photos when their children are babies! That statistic is followed by sporting and life events! Clearly, we value those [...]

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Adorable_Newborn Baby Boy Photos

Every newborn baby is an incredible treasure. Introducing the adorable, spunky, handsome Jacob! Jacob didn’t want to miss any of his newborn session, and stayed awake and alert for quite a while. Then I rocked him, and he fell into a calm sleep, so I could get a few cute poses on a blanket and on beanbag. Enjoy [...]

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Maternity / Zwanger fotoshoot Nederlands

How cute are these two?! Making pregnancy gorgeous and fun!. Love this cute couple. Easy to work with, easy on the eyes and all the fun that should be in a pregnancy session. Mama is nothing short of gorgeous. Full of happiness and joy, this baby will surely be brought into a house of love. [...]

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Jeeve | 13 days

Jeeve was such a sweet little baby last month in the studio!  At 13 days old she was a dream to photograph!  She even gave us a sweet little smile at the end. I LOVE it!!!  Being able to capture these sweet babies and their newness is sure a pleasure. I’d love to see you [...]

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