Beautiful Family Photoshoot

What is more fun than family photos made especially for grandparents? You can bring all of your family members. Family photos in which parents or grandparents play the main role together with their children and grandchildren. Our family photo session is filled with loads of fun for all of you. It is also an original activity for a family day, brother-and-sisters day outing.
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  •  In our studio families fit up to 10 people
  •  Suitable for family members of all ages
  •  Nice as a gift for grandpa or grandma
  •  Valuable outing with the whole family
  •  Original interpretation of your family day

The photo session lasts 1 hour. This will be your nicest 60 mins of your week.

Price is per session and regardless of the number of people. Everyone is more than welcome, young and old. Alone or with a group. Everything is possible. Want to bring your pets, most welcome.

Open on weekends: we do photo sessions on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, isn’t this awesome?