Tulip Mini Photo Sessions 

Preparation guide

“April is made of sunbeams and tulips and butterfly wings.”

With those long stretches of Tulip fields, the Netherlands has the best and most beautiful natural backdrops during Spring. No wonder, Holland is referred to as the “Flower shop of the world”. Is not it wonderful to have pictures with your loved one on these beautiful sets?

I am excited to announce Tulips Mini Sessions on 28th April, 2018 at Keukenhof feilds just for 99 Euros. The prices include 45 minutes and 10 Digital photos and 50 euro gift card.

Hurry up !! The sessions are limited and scheduled on April 28th and only 5 sessions would be scheduled !!

How much?

99 Euro

What you get?

Around 45 minutes of outdoor photo session

10 Digital photos

50 euro gift card for the next session




Keukenhof fields

Contact us @ 0615463394 for more details.

  • Our package is simple (just one to choose from),
  • Our booking process is simple (just pick your date on our availability calendar and call us @0615463394),
  • Our photo shoots are simple (just go play with your kids, we’ll do the rest),
  • Our delivery is simple (we send you a link to a gallery and you download the photos straight to your computer).
  • You like more photos then our packages are simple to buy

Preparations for clients

  • Let us know about the favorite toy or activities of your child: Helps to build a rapport
  • Rain or shine, feel free to bring an umbrella. It may be muddy, so be prepared! Wear clothes that fit them and you are comfortable in
  • We suggest not to dress the children in something which you anticipate an issue with. Example: Baby A does not like headbands.
  • Can we do an outfit change ?– NO, since no changing rooms are avaibale. Also you will loose time out of your session.
  • Do NOT schedule around nap/eating time of kids
  • Plan to arrive 10 mins early to have your child acclimate to the surroundings.
  • Come dressed and ready to shoot!
  • Late Arrivals will have time taken out of your own session.
  • 50 euro gift card is a Discount card which can be utilized for your next session, you can also transfer this to your friends. This is not valid on the mini sessions.
  • Session will be in the fields surrounding the Keukenhof garden.
  • Regarding the meeting point, we will be in touch with you on phone so please it handy.
  • Travel to Kekunhof is your own responibility and cost.
  • Last but not aleast, bring along a Happy Mood.

See you all there in between the beautiful feilds.


Asha and Pradeep